Ricky Basnett-Shaping is fun, it keeps me busy when theres no waves an - people-of-the-sea
Ricky Basnett-Shaping is fun, it keeps me busy when theres no waves and is also an amazing creative outlet

Ricky Basnett-Shaping is fun, it keeps me busy when theres no waves and is also an amazing creative outlet

June 21, 2018

Name: Well that’s pretty fuckin obvious isnt it

Age: 32

Home Break: Seal Point ( ex Cave Rock)

Craft Specialty: Kombucha is the craftiest thing I partake in


How did you first find your love for the ocean?

My mom was quite a hippie and I actually had an ocean birth, it was radical and ive never looked back since..Nah, my dad was a surfer and we were always at the beach growing up


What do you feel you draw from the ocean and why do you keep going back?

The sea is a lovely de-stresser, I like swimming down under the water and pretending im in an alien world


Best or weirdest thing to happen to you in the ocean?

I once found R50 floating in the water, that was pretty cool


Who do you look up to in your ocean community and why?

Mostly Poseidon cause he is a badass and has a trident and stuff


You have just had a beautiful daughter, Rebel. In what way do you and Buttons want to share the ocean with her and what do you feel a life by the sea can bring her?

Hopefully living down in St Francis Bay she will grow up being a mermaid, perhaps living part time in a rockpool and making friends with crabs instead of drug dealers in the city

What are your ocean aims for the next five years?

Id love to carry on surfing, and avoid sharks and drowning at all costs

What is your greatest achievement (both in and out the water)?

Im not sure if its an achievement but my record season of losses on the wct was pretty amazing and will probably stand for a long time…

You have have started shaping over the last couple of years and we are loving what you are doing with exploring new shapes and designs. How did you get started and where do you plan on taking Shakasleds to?

Shaping is fun, it keeps me busy when theres no waves and is also an amazing creative outlet. Hopefully I just keep having fun with it and see where it leads


You were on the world tour for a while but from conversations we have had about it, it seems like it wasn’t for you? What do you think contributed to you feeling this way?

Ja the tour sucked ass, I think it just took the fun out of it ( for me at least) and theres no point of doing something if you not having fun


For a while you went away from surfing and the ocean. You are now back stronger than ever, new sponsors, you living in the Eastern cape with the greatest point break in the world known to us locals as seals and you have another pretty good wave called jbay just down the road. What do you feel this move did for you and your family?

Its pretty fuckin epic down these parts, it’s a lot more chilled, literally and figuretively ( its poes cold). But ja its been a good move for us, we happy here for now, might be cool to end up somewhere tropical in the future though, think my balls are going to fall off soon from from frost bite


Did the ocean play a role in helping you find your way and into sobriety?

For sure, id definitely still be on the piss if I didn’t have surfing in my life, it’s the glue that holds all this shit together!


What would like to see change in the surf industry?

Theres been a massive resurgence in different shapes, the ride anything vibe is massive at the moment, but I still see so few paddle skiers / eggbeaters around? Lets bring that shit back!


Why do you find it neccesary to constantly torment me with 5 minute surfs when all I want to do is froth out to the max?

I live by the philosophy “ if you doing it for longer than 15, youre probably doing it wrong “


Any story you would like to share with us? Any parting wisdom we can take from you having spent so many years drawing love from the sea?

If youre ever out surfing and theres a pod of dolphins near, rub your hand on your board so it makes a squeking sound, it sometimes brings them closer and you can say what up dolphins please protect me from the sharks